vrijdag 24 september 2010

Kadootje uit Wenen

Van mijn zus kreeg ik ook nog een prachtig petitpoint kadootje uit Wenen. Het zijn twee menukaartjes, op de foto kun je via de spelden zien hoe petit de roosjes inderdaad zijn.

Ze komen uit de winkel van Maria Stransky (Viennese Handicraft), Hofburg Passage, Wenen.

De tekst van mijn vorige blogbericht luidt als volgt:
Empress Maria liked her courtladies doing needlework. So they revived an old technique. The loveable playful rococo raised embroidery to an art. Petit point from Vienna became a genuine cultural product which has survived until the present day.
What is petit point?
Two stitches are necessary for each dot. The finer the work, the larger the number of stitches to the inch. The finest petit point embroidery is done with the aid of a magnifying glass. The patterns are designed by artists. The design is then transferred centimeter by centimeter onto square paper as the embroidery pattern. All the spell of rococo is brought to life again, especially by means of the hundreds of shades of colour in the figure and the flower pieces.

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